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Workplace Property' Pupil 2016 for Mac (1 Mac) - Mac Excellent product 5 Posted by: Craner from: on I've a Dell notebook at the office where I personally use lots of displays and spreadsheets. In the home I have a Mac. This software has made it much easier when required to work from home and never having to pull my notebook with me. I've had no difficulties heading back' forth. 0 out of 0 identified this review helpful. Good to get the program costly. 4 Published by: Heartless from: With This is a good program to have for university students. 0 out of buy oem 0 found this review helpful. Wonderful method for individuals 5 Posted by: Dreamer12 from: With This is crucial if you are a student also it won't disappoint.

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The office brand has wonderful goods that'll suit your every need. 0 from 0 found this review helpful. Wonderful 5 Posted by: Media from: Saunderstown Onto It is very good to really have of employing Microsoft office on my Mac guide air, the potential and have exactly the same capabilities of the Laptop. 0 from 0 discovered this review helpful. Required Item 4 Published by: train from: Around The item does what it claims it will do. It mounted quickly. 0 from 0 observed this review helpful. Solid version of Office. 4 Submitted by: jgsm02 from: Bay Area, CA on I've not been rather unhappy for that Mac with this model of Office.

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It does possess some issues, a few of which stretch back again to prior versions. Transformation to PDF documents is bad. Likewise, difficulty pasting as a snapshot to Expression or Succeed doesn't work nicely, that has been no hassle previously. Workplace 365 may be a better approach to take so you can get bugs, although general, it's an improvement. 0 from 0 discovered this review helpful. Good product 4 Published by: Mona from: on Fantastic merchandise. Only expected it was just like microsoft, therefore I dont have to return and forth with my work and personalized notebook, where everything is and determine.

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It would ensure it is more easy to use. 0 from 0 discovered this review helpful. Great Merchandise 4 Submitted by: TheoHuxtable from: on Only 4 stars, because I want a product I may put on numerous machines. However, it works great on our MacBook. 0 from 0 located this review helpful. Awsome 5 Julian from: on Works excellent. My partner and kids utilize each day for faculty 0 from 0 observed this review helpful. Thumbsup 4 Published by: Birk from: Around The subscription appeared to be a waste of income, this is an offer that is better. The download was fast and easy.

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Still looking to familiarize myself. 0 out of 0 found this review helpful.